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Single Application Size of Star Waterproof False Eyelash Adhesive Glue

Item#: EyelashGlue2
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Product Details

PH balanced, non-toxic and water proof.
For use with any eyelash products.

Size: 1/28 fl.oz, 1 gram.


1. Apply eyelash adhesive sparingly to lash band.(Never apply directly to your eyelids)
2. Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become sticky.
3. Position lash slightly above natural lash and press ends into place.
4. Gently press across entire lash.
5. To remove, gently lift lash beginning at outer edge.

Note: Remove excessive adhesive using a dab of baby oil.

NOTE:Apply eye shadow, liner and mascara before your false lashes.
Ingredients: Rubber Latex, Water, Fragrance, Cellulose gum, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate (surfactant).

This is a small, 1.75" long tube of glue. In theory it will last several applications if you use it sparingly, but if you use lashes more than a couple times a year we recommend the larger size.