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Who says that cowboys and Indians have to fight all the time? Gather up your best girlfriends and show those rowdy boys how it’s done this Halloween! We have sexy Indian costumes and sexy cowgirl costumes that are sure to turn more than a few heads. When the guys see you cowgirls and Indians getting along so well at the Halloween party, they’ll wonder how you managed to settle this age-old feud! Just tell them that sexy Indian maidens and sexy cowgirls never fought—it was the cowboys and Indian warriors! The ladies know how to keep it fun, peaceful, and totally sexy.

The sexy cowgirl costumes and sexy Indian costumes at My Diva’s Closet are sure to be a hit at your next Halloween party. A far cry from anything you’ll see in one of those black and white Western movies, these super sexy costumes are the perfect nod to the spirit of the Old West.