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Sexy Halloween Snow White Costumes

Sexy Disney Snow White Costumes, Halloween Character Costume

Snow White is all grown up now, but Sexy Snow White still keeps in touch with her dwarf friends Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy and Dopey! You can become your own Diva with any of these stylish Snow White costumes and add a sexy twist to the popular German fairy tale. Browse through our selection of Snow White costumes and become the spitting image of this fairy tale character as well as the hit of the Halloween party with your Snow White Halloween costume. Be sure you bring a few apples to get the realism going and let your Snow White have fun trying to get others to take a bite of your poison apple!

5-Piece Snow White Corset Costume
Snow White Costume
Halloween Snow White Costumes
5-Piece Snow White Corset Costume
$ 85.00

Snow White Costume
$ 54.00

Halloween Snow White Costumes
Cute Snow White costume includes dress with front lacing, embroidered apple and detachable cape.
$ 45.00
58% off - $ 18.95

Snow White Costume Dress
Snow White Costume Dress
$ 48.00

When the Evil Queen becomes jealous she orders the huntsman to take Miss Sexy Snow White into the woods to be killed. She also requires certain body parts to prove she’s been killed. However the huntsman tries to kill her but, rather, falls in love with her and then tells her to flee and hide from that wicked evil Queen! Then he delivers to the Evil Queen the liver and lungs from a boar the chef was getting ready to cook.

While in the forest, she discovers a small cottage that belonged to seven dwarfs, where she decided to rest. The dwarfs felt bad for her and said, "If you’ll cook, knit, wash our clothes, sew and make the beds, then you can stay here with us and you shall have everything that you want!" They warn her to take care, to let nobody in when they are away working in the mountains. The Queen asks her mirror "Who’s the fairest in the land?" and is mystified that Snow White appears and is alive and well and residing with the seven dwarfs and Sexy Snow White is still the fairest in the land! The Queen disguises herself three times in an attempt to kill her. First as an old peddler, the Queen offers colorful corset laces and makes them so tight that Snow White passes out and the Queen again leaves her for dead. Again, she is revived when the dwarfs loosen the laces. The Queen then becomes an old woman and brushes Snow White's hair with a poison brush. Snow White faints but again the dwarfs save her. Finally, the Queen gets the poison apple and, disguised as a farmer's wife, offers Snow White the poison apple. The Queen cut the apple in half and ate the white part and gave the poisoned, red part to Snow White. Poor Snow White took a bite and fell into a deep, deep sleep. The dwarfs couldn't bring her back this time and figured the evil Queen finally won and now she’s dead, so the dwarfs placed her in a glass coffin.

This fairy tale can end however your Snow White wants when you become this wonderful character while wearing any of these Sexy Snow White costumes for Halloween or any other occasion. You can even reveal a few different body parts which will surely enhance the story and the evening! Or you can be that sultry Queen and play the part of a commanding evil woman. Any of Diva's sexy halloween costumes would be entertaining and fun!

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